guarantees security and identity privacy to those who purchase items in its virtual store. The Subscription information as name, address and credit card number are protected by advanced encrypted system as they are sent and kept secretly in secure servers ShopMelissa Italy. has adopted in terms of security levels legally required for the protection of data, after you have installed all the technical means and measures to avoid loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access or misappropriation of collecting personal information. However, the user must be aware that security measures on Internet are not entirely infallible. reserves the right to change the current policy to adapt it to legislative changes and case law, or those relating to commercial practices. In any case, ShopMelissaEU will announce in its website all changes introduced with a reasonable expectation of its location.


Users can exercise their rights of access, cancellation, confirmation and opposition, as well as recognized the right to obtain information by contacting through the contact link or directly by phone: +39 0294755578




At the signing, the client determines whether voluntarily wish I would provide their personal data, necessary to contract, update or cancel some services offered on the website or through it, such as: membership contract, purchases in the virtual store, contacts with customer service and others.


The personal information requested from will be subject to automatic processing, being incorporated to the corresponding electronic register of personal data, of what will own and responsible. The data obtained and used by, as well as by hired partners from to the services offered by the site you are part of this policy.




The personal information provided by customers are used with the fundamental purpose of identifying the user audience, its profile and purchasing habits, for the management, administration, care, expansion and improvement of all our products and services, even for the adequacy of services and preferences of its members, to create new products and services, to send operational and commercial information relating to products and services with traditional and / or electronic means.



  • Correct promptly any change in the user's personal data. To do this, the user must notify any change from the data.
  • Not disclose, without counsel, in any case, e-mail, user is informed in pages that require person fulfillment data, such as the pages cards, chat, forum, e-mail and others that exist or can be created.
  • Allow the user to delete, at any time, the transmission of e-mail from a promotional nature requested before.
  • Do not sell or disclose the data of its customers for other purposes that are not actions of ShopMelissa Europe, both through contacts of our relationship area, actions of loyalty program, information on products and promotions. adopts as a political commitment not to disclose information relating to user access, unless it is not required to do so by judicial order or in strict compliance with the law. Similarly, ShopMelissa Europe keeps confidential the subscription data of its users, only revealing them to third parties in case of legal impediments, or due to legal order or, even, for the authorization of the owners. can possibly save data files called 'cookies' on your computer. These files do not take up space in his memory, but, with them, every page that the user in the website can be customized, making it the most interesting and easy navigation. However, the decommissioning of these files can happen, if you prefer, still able to use the services offered by the site.

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